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Don’t be like other entrepreneurs who start an online business and “hope” it works out. Back your business with effective strategies & a knowledgeable coach. 


Ambitious women entrepreneurs, this is dedicated to you- gorgeous. And if by chance you happen to need a reminder of who you really are (which I seriously doubt) here it is. You are a natural born leader and the master of your fate. It is by no stretch of the imagination that you have the ability to create ANYTHING you want including a brag worthy life and business. You were born to win and even if you were not bred to win (sorry sugar-foot, can’t choose your family) you still found a way to motivate yourself to MAKE. SHIT. HAPPEN.

You are the GO BIG or don’t go AT ALL type of woman.

You instinctively know that you can have it all but most importantly (and unlike most people) you are willing to go get IT ALL. You are unapologetic and absolutely non-negotiable about creating your life & business on your terms- as you should be. Why? Because somewhere there is someone looking for exactly what you have to offer and they want it only the way YOU can provide it.

There is one problem though. 

You can’t serve them because you are too busy living an ordinary life. And quite honestly, it ain’t for you. C’mon, be honest. The weekly mundane routine of clocking in at a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) you don’t like, for money that does not afford you the lifestyle you want to live, just go to bed and repeat yesterday all over again tomorrow damn near drives you cray-cray.


We’re talking years you can never get back. It’s time to rise up, live out your full potential, make a significant impact on the world, and make some serious dough doing it! If you are ready to kick average in the ass and you would love to know exactly WHAT to do as well as HOW to do it so you can be living the life you desire…then welcome home! *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Tajuana trusted me with her vision and this was her experience…

“Quandra is fully committed to your success

It’s so easy to work with Quandra Adams. She actually listens and she pays attention to the tiny details that others would miss. Even though she is fully committed to your success, she is also not afraid to tell you when you’re on the wrong track. And because she’s so good at what she does, you can’t help but trust your business in her hands. Quandra oozes integrity and you can tell that she loves her work. I’d highly recommend her!” 

**Services rendered to Tajuana: Webinar Installation & Social Media Graphics.

Tajuana Ross (The LinkedIn Professor), Career & Life Coach

Benefits of Working With Me


Experience Residual Income


Improved Social Media Presence


Strong Business Foundation


Smooth Transition From Your J.O.B


Success- sooner rather than later


Professional + Responsive Web Design


Attract Your Ideal Clients


Experience An Increase In Income

And much more…

Transparent Moment

I have this love/hate relationship (more hate than love) with Corporate America & traditional education. The idea of collecting degrees & clocking in for 30 years as the only way to wealth, didn’t make sense. Long story short (because this can get pretty nasty) after having my pay cut, hours reduced, being terminated (all in the same month) and accumulating $125,000 is student loans I decided I needed to own my sources of income. At that point, I became more proactive about creating my life instead of reacting to what to was happening to me. I had an epiphany: I’m giving my power away to my employers. They have the ability to determine how much I get paid, when I get paid, and when I could vacation. That was unacceptable for me. The last few years in a snapshot

  • In 2012, I completed my MBA & took the first job offered because I knew I’d go into repayment on student loans immediately. I was a contractor making 13.14/hr and feared being downsized each month since that was the norm from the day I started.
  • From Sept. 2013 – Jun. 2015, I worked hard to save $10k to fund my business since I figured I wouldn’t have a job at any moment. I also partnered with Life Coach Jennifer Wilkes, to create the Profit & Purpose Boot-Camp.
  • In Jun. 2015, I got downsized & blew through my $10k savings to survive.
  • I launched my digital marketing business in Nov. 2015 with $0.91 in the bank.
  • Today, my business sustains my lifestyle & I am emancipated from corp. America.

My life doesn’t look exactly the way I pictured it would and that is okay. Really, the only thing I desired was to be able to work when I wanted to as well as decide how much and when I get paid. Each day, I get to realize that dream. I encourage you to start living life on your terms too.

Heard Enough? How can I serve you?

Website Design

My strategy is for you to have a responsive + fabulous layout that expresses your personality. More… 

Website Maintenance

Leave the technical stuff to me so you can get back to doing other things- like actually making money. More… 

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Social Media Mtkg.

Brand yourself as a thought leader in your industry through consistent brand messaging & marketing. More…