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You want a website design that oozes personality- and makes money. (that’s important too, right?)

You need a website design that is professional, makes you stand out from your competitors, and attracts your ideal clients. You’ve “played” around with WordPress (no pun intended because it wasn’t fun) and at best your attempts to build an awesome site have been dismal failures. There are just too many moving, techy parts that you just don’t have time to figure out.

Count your lucky stars gorgeous – you are in the right place!

“Quandra is not only a web designer she is a coach and a teacher.”

Quandra is professional, patient and holds a wealth of knowledge.  Our initial discussion, I was not sure of what I wanted to do with my business.  Quandra asked questions that allowed me to frame my vision in a way that encompassed my ambitious ideas. She allowed my vision to grow and with the growth came the ideas for the website. She introduced me to new tools and I am forever grateful for her.  She let me run with my ideas and created a website that included all of my craziness without judgment. Quandra is not only a web designer she is a coach and a teacher.  Thank you Quandra!


**Other services rendered to Hollie: Email Marketing Set-up & Automation, & eBook design.

Hollie Chambers, Health & Wellness Coach

Your product or service is no good if no one even knows it exists. That’s what websites are for. 

I am elated you found me. That means you’re serious about your digital presence.

My strategy is for you to have a fabulous + intelligently designed layout that expresses your personality. Later for played-out, cookie-cutter templates. By partnering with me, you will to attract your ideal clients, collect subscribers, and make sales. Depending on which website design package you choose, I will be:

  • setting up your newsletter opt-in and the thank you forms
  • designing your ebook or freebie
  • creating your social media marketing templates
  • and much more!

This is so you will have a cohesive & professional online presence. This also ensures your subscribers will have a trouble free experience receiving your freebie(s) or newsletter. How cool is that? 

You’re an intelligent go-getter and you have an excellent business idea.

Right now, you are prepared to start building a community of raving fans and generating serious moola, but your site is wack or worst- non-existent. You know what you want your site to do but have absolutely NO CLUE how to make WordPress your b!tch and succumb to your will.

You’ve discovered that the “magic” pixel formula to make your graphic fit perfectly in the banner space should be considered the 8th wonder of the world- I spent DAYS on that btw! By way of trial and error, you now know that sliders are features from the depths of hell when it comes to adjusting the height to make them fit perfectly within a module, lol. Been there done that!

You just want someone to get you off on the right foot so you can finally feel like you are making progress.website-design-ayrshire-background2

You are not the first online entrepreneur to be stuck in the black hole that is DIY website building and if you are anything like them, then…

  • You want to be able to manage your site EASILY.
  • You are ready to get paid sooner rather than later.
  • You are beyond ready to get your website up & biz online, but without paying $5,000+ to do so.
  • You’ve wasted time and money going at this alone.
  • You are ready to build your online community.
  • You want to do what you do best…and building websites is not it.

Is this you? Yes? Then I’ve got your back.

Let’s see which package is best for your business. ☟ 

Skilled Trade Website

Perfect for (beauticians, chefs, etc.)
From $997
  • 6 page layout design (+$75 per additional pg.)
  • Responsive web design, optimized for both mobile and tablets
  • Homepage slideshow with 4 pictures
  • Shopping cart (+ $350 and an additional $25 per product)
  • Copy-Writing (+ $750)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Advanced Booking Calendar
  • Additional features upon request during consultation
  • *BONUS: Basic SEO to boost your rank in search engines
I Want It!

e-Commerce Website

Perfect for Clothes, Natural Products etc.
From 3,497
  • Custom design including two revisions after delivery
  • 20 website pages
  • Responsive web design, optimized for both mobile and tablets.
  • Homepage slideshow with 6 pictures
  • Photo galleries
  • Email Marketing Integration (1 Sign-up form, 1 List, & 3 email auto-responder series)
  • Social Media Integration (ready-to-go branded posting templates, editorial posting schedule, and social media training guide)
  • Shopping cart, payment processor and shipping integration included
  • Additional features upon request after consultation
  • *BONUS: Basic SEO to boost your rank in search engines
I Want It!

What’s not included:

Although the following are not a part of every package in the original design, they can be integrated easily at any point.

  • Website Updates & Maintenance
  • Membership Sites
  • Social Media Marketing (can be added to skilled trade websites)
  • Email Marketing  (can be added to skilled trade websites)

Frequently Asked Questions

What about branding? Do you help me with that at all? Is it important?

Yes, branding is important. We will work together to create a style guide for your business if you need one.

What about graphics? Do you make them or do I have to supply them?

Yes, Graphics are included. Each plan gets up to 5 high-quality stock photos to enhance the look of the site. If you have others you’d like to provide, that’s totally cool too!

What consultations are included?

There is an initial 30 minute consultation for us to discuss your needs and for me to answer any questions you may have. This consultation can be booked now at the bottom of the page. The next time we chat will be for an hour for us to select the pertinents and such that are a part of your website design. Lastly, we will do an exiting consultation where I walk you through the easy operation of your site and answer any questions you may have.

What if I don’t like the website you create for me?

It’s highly improbable that you will not like your site because I do not create anything without your input. You are involved in every aspect of the process including but not limited to: selecting your brand colors (if we are including branding), selecting your theme, font type, layout, opt-in placement and much more. Once everything is done and in place, you have the opportunity for one last round of revisions.

When do I get my stuff?

Typically, I will deliver your site within 30-60 days. Once I understand your needs, I can give you a definite due date. However, completion of the project will depend on how fast you get me the required materials that we discuss during the consultation.

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