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Let’s work on getting your business to the next level with practical insight, proven ideas and the empowerment to believe in your dream to become a reality.

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Are you ready to make big things happen?

Are You…

Tired of your expensive college degree(s) not opening the doors it was supposed to?

Ready to take control of your future and be your own boss?

Longing to do rewarding, meaningful work on your own terms?

Ready to determine how much you get paid and how often you get paid?

I’ve been there and I completely understand.

While you are not the first woman to feel like this and certainly won’t be the last, unlike everyone else you are willing to do what it takes to get control of your destiny. You just don’t know how to get the online portion of your business up and running. No worries, as that is a small thing to a giant. The giant would be me, lol. For now you just need to believe in yourself. Say it with me,

“No more taking what I can get…I am creating what I want!”

That is the cornerstone of success and the attitude of highly successful people. Stop worrying about the “how” and let me take care of the digital marketing specifics. I’ll handle the technical stuff like designing an SEO optimized website, creating your sales funnels, crafting your email marketing automation, and helping you establish a prominent presence online through strategic social media.

Hollie trusted me with her vision and this was her experience…

“Quandra is not only a web designer she is a coach and a teacher.

Quandra is professional, patient and holds a wealth of knowledge.  During our initial discussion, I was not sure of what I wanted to do with my business.  Quandra asked questions that allowed me to frame my vision in a way that encompassed my ambitious ideas. She was patient and she allowed my vision to grow. With the growth came the ideas for the website. She introduced me to new tools and I am forever grateful for her.  She let me run with my ideas and created a website that included all of my craziness without judgment.  During our final conference, she still continued to introduce me to new tools marketing tools that’ll support me in my business. Thank you Quandra, for your continuous support.

**Other services rendered to Hollie: Email Marketing Set-Up, ebook creation & integration, copy-writing & newsletter design.

Hollie Chambers,

Ways to Work With Me

Website Design

My goal is to create a fabulous + intelligently designed layout that expresses your personality. More… 


Website Maintenance

Leave the technical stuff to me so you can get back to doing other things- like actually making money. More… 

Email Marketing

Ensure your subscribers have a trouble free experience receiving your freebie(s) or newsletters. More… 

Social Media Mkgt.

Brand yourself as a thought leader in your industry through consistent brand messaging & marketing. More… 

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