A place where you get expert training (not just information) on social media marketing, email marketing, & website design. A place where savvy & determined women are achieving more in one month than the average person achieves in one year with their online businesses! Imagine having the support of leading coaches for women, as well as the ongoing encouragement of women all over this country. Well, you no longer have to image because I’ve created it!

attentionALL savvy business women ready to make big business moves.
ALL ambitious women finally ready to master all things digital marketing.
ALL inspired women who are ready to be more, have more & do more.

More often than not, as new business owners we try to do and figure everything out on our own. We spend (already limited) QA FUlLL BOdytime fumbling around with designing our websites and creating less than appealing opt-ins. While the effort is admirable, let’s be honest…all we did was waste time.

If you are anything like I was when I first started, then you:

  • Have studied the websites & social media of the heavy hitters in your field and watched with complete awe at what that have accomplished.
  • Want a proven path with concrete steps that you can put into action NOW, that will lead to more sales, more subscribers, and more website visitors.
  • Want to make something out of nothing in a shorter period of time .

I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I am offering you an opportunity to pursue your goals with a group of savvy women who ALL want what you want so desperately: to own a business that affords you the lifestyle you want to live, to decide when you work, and how much you get paid.

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Young, Wise & Free

An exclusive community for savvy women solopreneurs who wants a clear and concise path on how to turn in her two weeks notice then step into a business that already has sales funnels, branding, a website, and marketing in place.


How is this possible?

To be absolutely honest with you, it’s simple. Not easy, simple. In order to succeed, you have to focus your energy on the business activities that needs to be completed right now that will get you closer to your overall goal. No more, “I’ll just do this one thing before I tackle that big project.” Knowing good and well, it’s that bigger task that stands between you and everything you want.

That’s where your community comes in. The Young, Wise & Free community offers consistent, strategic, targeted information AND how to’s that empowers you to succeed in the digital world. Needless to say, over the past 5 years of working with entrepreneurs and taking the slow route to success, I have learned a thing or 20.

The first step to a successful online business is to understand these 3 KEY things:

1. Collaborate

You cannot do it alone. Success is a collaboration effort and not a solo project.

2. Take Massive Action

Action is the key foundation to success & you get proven how-to’s in the Young, Wise & Free community.

3. Keep Learning

You MUST stay up-to-date with technology & information to be competitive.

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Yes Quandra, I am ready!

Truth is…

You are a natural born leader and the master of your fate. It is by no stretch of the imagination that you have the ability to create ANYTHING you want including a brag worthy life and business. You were born to win and even if you were not bred to win (sorry sugar-foot, can’t choose your family) you still found a way to motivate yourself to MAKE. SHIT. HAPPEN.

You are the GO BIG or don’t go AT ALL type of woman. Jen and Quan Photos 1-279 copy (1)

You instinctively know that you can have it all but most importantly (and unlike most people) you are willing to go get IT ALL. You are unapologetic and absolutely non-negotiable about creating your life & business on your terms- as you should be. Why? Because somewhere there is someone looking for exactly what you have to offer and they want it only the way YOU can provide it.

There is one problem though. 

You can’t serve them because you are too busy living an ordinary life. And quite honestly, it ain’t for you. C’mon, be honest. The weekly mundane routine of clocking in at a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) you don’t like, for money that does not afford you the lifestyle you want to live, just go to bed and repeat yesterday all over again tomorrow damn near drives you cray-cray.


We’re talking years you can never get back. It’s time to rise up, live out your full potential, make a significant impact on the world, and make some serious dough doing it! If you are ready to kick average in the ass and you would love to know exactly WHAT to do as well as HOW to do it so you can be living the life you desire…then welcome home!

What perks are included?

  • A LIVE Digital Marketing group coaching webinar or call led by me and a guest expert EVERY month. Each webinar will focus on  a specific marketing (social media, email, or  website design) or business topic with an implementation tool or resource that you can implement for some type of immediate result.
  • Members only access to recordings of each monthly call.
  • Members only 10% discount on any product launch during your membership.
  • Admission to a private, Member-Only facebook group moderated by 2 business coaches! You’ll be able to get exclusive content NOT available on my blog, get answers to your business and marketing questions weekly and network with other women solopreneurs who are dedicated to taking their business to the next level.

So, how much is this level of expertise & networking?

We know membership is easily worth an investment of $10.99, $29.99 or higher but for now it’s…


This community is perfect for you if you are not quite yet ready for one on one coaching but still need answers that will up-level your business. I can’t promise that this private Facebook group will be complimentary forever, so if you’re ready to take your business to the next level enter your e-mail below for access: